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Anna & Jesper

We are so pleased to have hired Donna. We are deeply grateful for how Donna has committed to our wedding and done everything she could to get the perfect photos.

Throughout the shoot we felt so safe with Donna, she has an eye for detail, unique images with a romantic twist. The pictures turned out fantastic and we got what we dreamed of.

Mike & Linn
We chose Donna to be our wedding photographer after doing a test shoot with her last summer. How she made us feel that day was as important as how good her photos were and both surpassed our expectations.
Donna was fantastic in all aspects of what she does from when we first met over a year ago to this day. Her ideas for photos on the day of our wedding and her ability to make us feel comfortable in any situation was superb. Any of our guests that got to speak with her told us how lovely and friendly she was which is such a wonderful thing to hear. Our photos were beyond what we could have imagined and we could not be happier with how they came out, from the posed pictures to the candid ones. We would not hesitate to recommend Donna for anyone’s wedding or event, in fact, we would go out of our way to suggest you make her your first choice.
Jessica & Edwin
We are incredibly happy that we chose Donna as our wedding photographer! Not only because of the beautiful photos she took, but also because of her wonderful treatment of us.

She is fantastic to work with and brings a sense of calm to all the wedding chaos that can arise within and during the wedding day itself! We were both a little nervous about the couples shoot but Donna made us feel comfortable and even had a blast during it! Even guests and toastmasters thought she was amazing and we can highly recommend her to everyone!

Charlotte Garbutt
My pregnancy shoot with Donna was such a privilege. I look back on the photos now and am so grateful for her and for the experience.
I didn’t really know what to expect but Donna had a vision and guided me through the whole process from outfits to poses and location. She made me feel relaxed, calm and the photos came out so beautifully. The turn around was so fast and the edit was absolutely gorgeous. Donna was the perfect mix of a good friend and a real professional. You would never know that it was the hottest day of the year and we were being eaten alive by mosquitoes. I can’t recommend Donna enough. Thank you so much again. I really do treasure those photos!
Emil & Frida
We booked Donna for our wedding and are very happy with it. She has been incredibly committed since our first contact and during our wedding day it felt so natural, relaxed and nice to have her with us.
Incredibly beautiful pictures turned out! We would highly recommend Donna. Thanks for everything.

Malin & Eirik

We had Donna as our wedding photographer and it almost brings tears to my eyes to think about how wonderful it turned out! She made us feel so relaxed and happy during the first look (and the rest of the day).
We had so much fun and emotional at the same time. Donna is very responsive but also comes up with exciting ideas! The pictures turned out absolutely fantastic. Just as natural and loving as we hoped for Infinitely grateful that you immortalized our day in such a beautiful way.
Mimi & Morgan

We booked Donna for a wedding/family shoot, and oh how pleased we were! She put us at ease during the shoot.

It was a fun experience and she was quick and efficient throughout the process, from first contact, to finished result.
Helda & Mario
We did our photoshoot with Donna, who was very kind and professional with us. She knows how to guide you during the process to leave you comfortable and have the best experience.
We really loved Donna’s photos because she was able to capture our love by beautiful pictures. For sure we recommend her.
Angie & Christoffer
Super talented photographer, fantastic photos and friendly service! Donna made us feel relaxed and natural, which made the shoot a fun experience! My very best recommendations.
Mando & John
From the first moment I met Donna, I felt comfortable and familiar with her. There would be no better choice than her to take the photos for the beautiful day of our wedding.
Apart from her professionalism which was impeccable, it was also her discretion and cooperation that day. We immediately felt comfortable and familiar with her and that gave us amazing natural photos, and seeing them is like experiencing that day again, exactly what we wanted. And all because of her, because neither I nor my husband are familiar with taking photos. There is no more ideal, professional, sweet person to capture your most important moments. We highly recommend her.

Arvee & Olof

We hired Donna to be our wedding photographer as recommended by my sister in law and brother in law. We live in New York while planning a wedding in Sweden.
The fact that Donna is very professional helped a lot specially with planning a long distance wedding. She did our prenuptial photos and they came out very well. She recommended the places where to take the photos and they were great locations.Donna went out of her way to provide us with snow boots so we can walk in 2 feet of snow and go to a beautiful location to take pictures. For the wedding, she even lent us props to use for the venue and was quick to answer any inquiries we have. I just showed her examples of shots I wanted and she made it happen. The wedding photographs came out very beautiful, like the ones in wedding blogs and magazines. We are very pleased. Donna is very friendly and just pleasant to be around with. I highly recommend her and will definitely hire her again to photograph our family events.
Ben & Cassandra
Donna is great! We met with her before our wedding when she comes to our house to take pictures for Norrland Living magazine.
So when it comes time to choose the wedding photographer it was an easy decision. On the day, Donna made everything smooth and fun. She has good ideas for the picture and went to several locations before to find the best area for us. The photos she took are amazing and show our special day perfectly.

Liudmila, Dongjin Sweden AB

We were looking for a photographer to organize photos for employee accounts. Donna arrived on time as agreed, with all the necessary equipment. The filming time with Donna I would consider to be productive, easy and quick. After the time had passed, we received all the photos for viewing, and all colleagues were happy with the results. Even though the session was unusual, the quality of the photos was high. Everyone could easily get that Donna has an excellent command of composition and knows how to play with light. I would inevitably recommend Donna to all my friends and familiar further on. In my turn I would like to wish Donna a professional longevity and, of course, happy creativity!

Anders Ingelsson, Paske

Hire Donna for professional photos! We needed photos of our employees and found Donna Richmond Photography. With a big smile, patience and inexhaustible energy, Donna does her job. She is responsive to requests and adapts to the opportunities given. We are very pleased with the result. We give you our strongest recommendation. Thanks Donna!

Åsa Ragnarsson, Far From Standard PR

Donna is a fantastic photographer. She knows how to capture a moment and how to make people in front of the camera feel comfortable. It is a great pleasure to work with her and she is super nice to have around.


Åsa Stefansson Andersson

I booked a photoshoot with Donna after I saw her web page with great photos in so many different environments, our family photos really exceeded expectations.
It felt unexpectedly natural to be in front of the camera and she managed the art of making us feel relaxed. In addition, she found the right light and environment for the photos. We are very pleased!! Really recommend a shoot with Donna.

Tomoko and Pär

We are simply amazed how naturally Donna made our daughter feel comfortable in front of the big fancy camera.
We could totally see her face change from full of nervousness to joy as photo shooting went on and we simply enjoyed watching Donna and my daughter’s session. We also cannot thank her enough for our special request with Japanese traditional clothes, kimono. We did not give her much time to prepare for the photo-shooting but she certainly found the right places and used her great technique to make all the pictures so lively and lovely. We now say and wish she was our wedding photographer! Luckily we have a lot more opportunities to ask Donna to take our family photos in the future.

Linnea Berglund

I booked Donna to take maternity photos. It was wonderful to work with her as she was always looking for the best location and position.
Donna works pedagogically and holds a conversation at the same time. She brought a wonderful piece of clothing that worked wonderfully in the photos.
A joy to work with. Donna makes you so relaxed that you don’t feel like you are being photographed so the pictures look so natural. Highest quality images.

Johanna, Gustafssons Bil

Everyone needs a Donna in their life apart from being an incredibly talented photographer, she is the most genuine person I have met.

I’ve probably never laughed so much, ever. She made me stand in front of the lens with no makeup, no hair done. And she also made me forget about the camera and delivered a result that shows who I am. For real. Try it too!
Andreas & Emma
We received our photo shoot as a Christmas present and were both very nervous to participate. We were met by a committed photographer who from the start made us feel more than okay with the situation.
Donna has fantastic customer service in her emails both before and after the shoot as well as on site during the shoot. She had chosen the place herself with gusto as we had no ideas ourselves. We were given an extremely large number of fantastically beautiful and, above all, genuine photographs to choose from. We are super grateful that Donna is our first experience with a photographer. Thanks for everything Donna!

Emma Renström

It was incredibly professional. Donna had many good ideas for layouts that felt good and relaxed for us as well. We got very nice pictures of the family and the children. We are very satisfied and can highly recommend Donna. ❤️

Jelena Varava

We were so very lucky to get hold of Donna at busy Christmas-time. And even luckier that the shoot was so perfectly organised by Donna! It was also amazing that she was willing and able to photograph us in our own place! 

So it was much more fun than I was expecting, with no stress – I’d even call it relaxing! The photoshoot time flew by very quickly even though it was more than 2 hours. And we also shot outside in the forest nearby. We are very happy with the photos! We will come back for sure!

Linn-Marie Edlund

I am so happy that I had the opportunity to work with Donna. Felt so natural from start to finish and the result was absolutely magical. A professional experience with lots of great energy.

Puja & Suraj

It was a real pleasure to work with Donna for our photo session. We were looking to take some really good memories away with us from Skellefteå. She already had the locations picked out and came with the right props to make the moments truly magical. She even had a way with our 2.5 year old son and in a very Donna sort of way, she calmed him down and had him look at her when the time was right to take a picture. We went to multiple different locations, some of which we were not even aware existed. We highly recommend scheduling a photo session with Donna, she first set some time to just talk to us and get to know us so she could frame her thoughts around what, and how the photo session would happen. Then, she shared the locations and ideas with us to make sure we were comfortable with the ideas, we were flat out excited and super happy that we picked someone with her talent. She spoke English with us so that made it easy for us to communicate. She made sure to check the weather and inform us well ahead of time whether we should go for the shoot or delay it. If we were still in Skellefteå, we would probably hire her for every special occasion, so we always have some awesome memories to look back on.

Emma & Johannes

But I want to thank you so much for the fantastic pictures ❣ It has been an honor to have you along the way and all the help we received even before and after our big day! 

I feel so unbelievably happy that it was right now who took our photos, I felt so unbelievably safe!! The day it was so good and still haven’t had time to digest everything that happened. 😍

Eva Sundbom

Donna is great. She has such a nice openness, easy to get along with. Our parents received a family photo shoot as a gift for their 30th wedding anniversary. Donna met up at their house. We got a nice documentation of our home environment and family portrait. She photographed and edited some really striking images that are a pure joy to put up on the wall!

Valeria & Agenario

Donna, we would like to thank you for your incredible work and for all the attention you gave us at all times. You made us feel completely at ease and relaxed during the photo shoot. And we are delighted with the result, you captured exactly what we hoped for, and captured our family in a beautiful way. Thank you for everything.

Wanda & Patrick

Our wedding planner hired Donna to be our wedding photographer. Because we are living in Germany, we first met her via videocall and felt immediately very familiar and comfortable with her. She asked us about our ideas and which type of photos we like. After the videocall she shared some different amazing locations which fit to our ideas.

We also had the chance to add our own location idea. She even visited and tested the light of the spots in the different locations one week before our wedding. This commitment was definitely more than we expected. On our big day unfortunately the weather wasn‘t as good as we hoped. We were a little bit afraid to not get the photos we wanted to have! But our uncertainty was more than unnecessary. As soon as Donna arrived we felt to be in good hands. She was very professional, warm-hearted and did more than her best to get the photos we wanted. Although we usually don’t like to be photographed, we immediately felt comfortable in front of Donnas camera. We are so glad to had Donna as our wedding photographer! We have amazing photos and memories of our wedding and are happy to share this special day with her. We highly recommend Donna as a photographer of your special moments.

Dipaali Mayekkar

Donna Richmond is wonderful and truly a professional in her field. She was instantly able to put my family at ease, and capture some captivating photographs. She has a magical way of finding the perfect angle, lighting and of course expressions. She captured so many beautiful memories of my boys that I will be able to cherish for the rest of my life. I will treasure them forever. She has a great eye for the best shots! 😊😊

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